Huge Multi-Vendor Spring Giveaway

We are so excited for this huge giveaway! Take a look at all of the great prizes that are up for grabs.  

Drucilla Santos
Win a yellow maxi skirt, statement necklace, and baby/toddler leg warmers from

Winner- Sarah Hemmert
Win this spring banner from 

Melissa and Keith Miller
Win Veronica the handmade Wiener dog from
Friends of Socktopus

Trisha Wagner
Win a spring fedora from
Fancy Frills

Allie Gunter
Win this spring 8x8 canvas from
design mg

Charity Hardy Steffen
Win a family dry erase board from
Lovey Dovey Creations

Jennifer Bick
Win this Ikat wristlet from
tg designs

Amanda Smith
Win a customized Iphone case from
Tickled Peach Studio

Amy Tingler
Win an initial pendant necklace from

Jennifer Willis
Win a vinyl starter pack from
Boston Love Bug

Joanna Hooper Bromley
Win a personalized pillow from
Chartreuse Canary

Brittney Mecham Hadley
Win a towel with a hand written recipe from
Small Home Design

Valerie Banks
Win a $50 shop credit from
Sproutz Design

Rylie Origon
Win this adorable onesie and matching headband from
All That Sass Boutique

Lori June Bivens
Win this beautiful necklace from

Marcia Garcia Linde
Win these vintage dangle earrings from
Vintage Girl at Heart

Sarah Jean Laskay
Win a personalized cutting board from
Tin Tree Gifts

MarcandKelli Bryson
Win a $20 shop credit from
Four Bugs in a Rug

Stella Marie
Win a personalized burlap banner from
Emily Anns Kloset

Trisha Wagner
Win a personalized stocking from
Urban Creative

Manda KelKas Everson
Win a jewelry grab bag from

Elizabeth Riner Splinter
Win an adorable owl hat from

Mary Jo Taylor
Win a $25 shop credit from
Dragonfly Designs

Sharvonda Ward
Win a $25 gift certificate from
Zoe Girl Designs

Rachel Nikkel
Win a mint statement necklace from
Eastern Trend

Sarah Babcock Turner
Win 2 pendant necklaces of your choice from
Badge Boutique

Judy Hill-Jarrett
Win a $20 shop credit from
Snarky Owl Crafts

Cheryl West 
Win a gorgeous chevron button up shirt from

Kelly Mommyoffour Louise
Win a spring cleaning set from
Plant Therapy

Amanda Lightfoot
Win a set of 4 chevron pocket mirrors from
Just Two Olives

Karina Postma Westrate
Win this vinyl mdf board from
Treasured Thoughts

Nikki Bowling
Win this bracelet and a $10 store credit from

Aubriana Krystine
Win this birthday yard sign from
Daisy Blossom Creations

Jessi Gonzalez
Win a gorgeous chevron bracelet from

Laura Lange
Win a $20 shop credit from

Jessica Leigh
Win a size 2T crochet bikini and cover up skirt from
22 Cute Designs

Danielle Jackaway-Beguhl
Win a set of 26 alphabet cards from
Lucy Darling Prints

Erykahs Momager Jessica Simmons
Win any 2 sets of onesie stickers from

DG Middendorf
Win these mocha truffles and mint sandwiches from
Whimsy Mama

Adriana Gomez
Win a chevron mini wristlet from
Pocket of Presh

KiKi Leatherman
Win a $25 gift card from
Delicate Expressions
Cami Soresen
Win a set of 12 chalkboard labels
Delicate Expressions

Lindsey Evans
Win a front door "hello" vinyl decal from
Delicate Expressions

Ashley Stephenson Barnett
Win a boy or girl onesie set from
Simply Anandi

Kelly Chartrand
Win a chevron scarf from
Pretty Lou

Share it to win it giveway winner-Alexa Rae

45 amazing prizes up for grabs

To enter:

1. Like all of the fan pages listed in the Rafflecopter app

Extra Entries

2.  Share the giveaway on your page.  Click the share button underneath the giveaway collage I have pinned at the top of my Facebook page.  You can do this once a day for extra entries.

3.  Etsy Favorites- Under each picture in the giveaway album you will see Etsy shop links, Facebook links, websites, etc.  If they have an Etsy shop click on that link and favorite an item or two in their shop. Comment under each picture in the giveaway album what your favorite item is from their shop.

4. Giveaway Album Likes- Like each picture in the giveaway album for 5 extra entries.  Make sure you don't do this too quickly or Facebook will think you are a spammer.

5. Tag 2 Friends- Using the @ symbol tag two of your friends underneath the giveaway collage picture that you think may want to enter the giveaway.  You can tag two different friends each day for extra entries.

6. Leave a blog comment- Leave a comment on my blog saying what you would most like to win in the giveaway

7. Follow my blog- Click on join this site to follow my blog.

8. Tweet about the giveaway- You can do this once a day for extra entries

9. Pin an item-On the right hand side of my blog you will see my clothing boutique.  Click on your favorite item and pin that image on Pinterest.

You can win more than one item so make sure you check back each day to get all of your extra entries in!

Good luck everyone!

Winners will be announced on my blog when the giveaway is over so be sure to check back.


  1. I would love to win any of the great items. The Origami Owl prize sticks out the most. TYSM for the chance!

  2. I want 95% of the things! My favorite would probably be the wiener dog though!

  3. I love the dog! Or the bracelet! Or the ikat clutch! Or another pillow from chartreuse canary! Or anything! Thanks for this great chance! ::fingers crossed::

  4. Thanks for such a fabulous giveaway!

  5. I would love to win the Win this vinyl mdf board from Treasured Thoughts

  6. Amazing giveaway prizes!!!! I am digging that Ikat wristlet!

  7. I don't have a favorite, they all look incredibly fun! (although I don't have an iphone, so I"m not sure that one would help me, but it's still darn cute)

  8. Love the wristlet, or the scarf, or the maxi skirt, any of it really!!

  9. I love them all but would most like to win the Origami Owl necklace!

  10. I'm pretty excited for the spring cleaning set!

  11. I want to win this sooooo bad!!! So many amazing gifts.

  12. I'm not sure what I would like most! I love the essential oils!

  13. I would love to win any of the awesome prizes! I especially love the Chevron shirt from SoCo Vintage! Thank you!

  14. I would love to win either the Win Veronica the handmade Wiener dog from
    Friends of Socktopus OR the Win a personalized pillow from
    Chartreuse Canary...Or the Win a personalized cutting board from
    Tin Tree Gifts! SO SORRY, I couldn't pick just one...these are my fave three :)

    Thanks so much!
    Jessi Gonzalez

  15. I would be happy with any of them, there all so cute

  16. I would to win the towel with a hand written recipe from
    Small Home Design. :)

  17. I love the personalized pillow! Rylie Origon

  18. I would be grateful to win any of these wonderful prizes but I do love the presonalized pillow :)

  19. I would love to win the banner from Burlap & Lace or the personalized banner from Emily Ann's Kloset or the owl hat from Mandag433. There's so many cute and lovely things!

    Thank you for the giveaway!

  20. This is such a sweet thing to do! I absolutely adore the items and would be blessed to receive any of them... I am glad I found this lovely blog! I will definitely be hanging around (regardless of the giveaway!). :)
    Curious to know how long you all have been in business! (I'm surprised I haven't found you guys earlier!)

  21. I like it all especially the jewelry!

  22. What an amazing giveaway! Thank you so much. I would be lucky to win any of these great prizes. Thank you for the opportunity! =)

  23. thank you for the awesome giveaway, it was love at first sight for me when i looked at that hand made wiener dog LOL I would love to win that :)

  24. I would really like to win the Origami Owl prize. I have wanted one for so long...

  25. Any prize would be amazing! I do love the Origami necklace, because I think my niece needs one :) Thank you!

  26. These are all amazing prizes! Thank you! I love the chevron shirt!

  27. Love all of these amazing prizes!! Especially love the ikat wristlet!

  28. I would love to win any of these amazing prizes...but if I had to choose I would pick the Spring Cleaning Set!

  29. I would love to win the necklace from origami owl! I love the different stuff that can be put into it.

    1. My 2 favorites are: origami owl locket necklace and credit for zoe girls designs!!!!!!!

  30. There is a lot I would love to win- I am really loving the Chevron blouse!

  31. I would love to win any of these wonderful prizes!! Thank you so much for the opportunity!

  32. It's all great, but I love the baby goodies! :)

  33. Getting super excited, so many cute items!!! :)

  34. I LOVE the maxi skirt and necklace from AnnaDesignCo! So pretty and perfect for spring!

  35. I loooove the personalized pillow from Chartreuse Canary!!!

    Thank you for this giveaway!!! :)


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