Best Sunless Tanner Ever!

Hey lovelies! We are so excited to be back after a short break. :) I absolutely love this time of year as the weather starts to warm up a little bit.  I'm also super pasty white from the long winter months. I refuse to use tanning beds so I'm also on the look out for good self tanners.  I've hit the jack pot with this one!

I will admit I was very hesitant to purchase this one because I've tried so many kinds and haven't found one I've loved but figured I couldn't go wrong with the price.  

When I first used this it made me super nervous because the mousse was really dark. I found that it is super easy to apply and blends really well. I recommend using a tanning mitt to apply the mousse but it isn't totally necessary if you don't have one. Overall I am beyond pleased with this product and will definitely be replacing my old sunless tanners with this.

Because the it was such a good deal I also picked this up as well. It's perfect to use on the in between days for extra shimmer.


-Very easy to apply. You don't have to rub it in as much as you do a lotion because it dries very quickly.
-Reasonably priced plus if you have a local Sally's you don't have to pay for shipping
-Gives a natural bronzed look
-Doesn't streak

- It doesn't seem to last quite as long as other self tanners but this doesn't bother me as much because of how easy it is to apply again.


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