An Amazing Opportunity!

     Today I want to share a one of a kind opportunity with all of our readers.  I will be straight up 100% honest and tell you that I used to be a complete skeptic when it came to direct sales. I was always intrigued and interested in joining a company and working from home but I just didn't believe you could actually make money that way.  
     It is actually pretty crazy how I got started selling Younique.  I saw a few picture of the before/afters of the 3D Mascara and broke down and purchased it. I absolutely fell in love and on a whim got online and bought the starter kit to start selling.  I knew nothing about the other products at the time but knew that I would be able to sell this mascara for sure.  

     As soon as I got my kit I dove in and got started and the rest is history.  It sounds totally cheesy but it has been life changing for me. I have been able to stay home with my daughter and still contribute to our monthly income.  I'm still blown away that I have been able to make really good money just buy selling these products online.  My absolute favorite part of this "job"(if you can even call it that)  is meeting the amazing women I have met so far. Some of them I have never met personally but I love talking to them and helping them build their businesses. It is so rewarding for me to see them getting excited every time they make a sale and to see them increase their monthly income.  I'm so grateful I took a chance because it really has been the best thing I've ever done.

    The starter kit itself is beyond amazing! You get everything picture below plus $25 in Younique cash annually on your birthday, a White Status Charm, and last but not least a free website for life! You will never have a monthly/yearly fee for your website.  This is HUGE because most companies charge at least $10 every month. Another aspect of this company that I love is you get paid nightly after a products sells.  You don't have to wait to only get paid once a month.  

It truly is an AMAZING opportunity and we would love to share it with anyone that is interested. My only regret is I didn't get started sooner.  If you have any questions feel free to send me an e-mail anna@cozycoutureboutique.com or message on my Facebook page Cozy Couture.


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