Pinterest Project.

I love pinterest! When I saw this deer, I knew I must have one for myself. The person who pinned it thought it would be great for the holidays, however I think it's great for any time of the year. 

To start I bought a 9X12 canvas, modge podge, and of course gold glitter. 

I searched online for a deer stencil that I liked, and I found one here

I lightly traced that stencil on the canvas with a pencil. 

Then I took a foam brush and painted a section at a time and poured glitter on it. After letting it sit for a minute I gently tapped the excess glitter off and fixed any holes

The in-progress deer.

Once I finished the glitter, I sprayed the canvas with a clear varnish to keep the glitter from falling off the canvas. 

Finished Product.

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  1. Всем привет! помогите кто знает... ищу где можно купить утюжок для волос эльдорадо, плойка для волос олх и выпрямитель для волос на аккумуляторе? я только начала управлять салоном красоты, надо найти оборудование, а я не знаю где это купить)


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